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Therapy International is a counseling practice dedicated to psychological wellness. We have just changed to TeleTherapy in order to deal with Coronavirus and offer services for less.

Dr. Valerie Campbell is a Florida and Maine licensed counselor with over 20 years of experience. She specializes in depression, anxiety, and trauma. For more information please click on the Learn More link below or call/text us:


Florida (407) 931-3199.

Maine  (207) 900-1096

TeleHealth Counseling/TeleTherapy
How does it work?

TeleHealth, also called Remote Therapy, is a way to deliver therapy services through a cell phone or computer. It's similar to chatting with friends and relatives by phone, text, or video call. You may have already used remote medical services in talking to your doctor.

It's easy - I'll send a link which automatically connects to an online "room" where I'll meet you at our appointment time. If you prefer, we can talk via phone, text, or email.

Remote therapy eliminates travel time, is easier, safer, and often necessary when dealing with trauma, anxiety, or depression issues.


Everyone has a problem at some point in life. I understand how vastly different each person is and therapy is tapered to the need of the individual and each unique situation. Feel free to call or text with any questions you may have.

(407) 931-3199 or (207) 900-1096

But can you afford therapy?
The usual answer is, "You can't afford not to go."
We think that's simplistic. Money is finite. It's either there or it's not. And people in need of services often don't get them. 

For this reason, we have a number of payment options for people with little or no insurance coverage.

Let's face it - Coronavirus has changed the world we live in. Many people have lost jobs and their insurance with it. Isolation has become normal. For many, this is a hardship. For others, it is a time for self-reflection and positive change.

We have a new therapy option - $35

for a half-hour session. Along with counseling, you will be given exercises, or homework, to do over the week to keep the therapy moving along. You won't be graded and all answers are correct.

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Why Homework?
Don't confuse insight with change

Insight is great - but then what do you do with it? Putting new insights to work in your world is the next step to a fulfilled, happy life.

Our actions and "habits of thinking" are deeply integrated. Positive change is more likely to happen when insight is put to work during the week. "Homework" facilitates this.

So, we've lowered and discounted fees                            

Self-pay is the only option that secures complete confidentiality. No information goes to an insurance company to show up in your records. 


Our cost per full Individual Session is now $55. 

Half sessions are $35

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We also take the following Insurance:



Aetna EAP

Cigna Behavioral

Cigna EAP

Cigna EAP for Disney Employees

E4 Health EAP

Optum Behavioral Health

United Behavioral Health

Insurance clients: Please check your deductible and copay before your appointment.


EAP Clients: Be sure to call your Employee Assistance Program and note the number of sessions and expiration date.


Self-pay Clients: If you have trouble affording counseling, please contact us


Our TeleTherapy Services

  • TeleTherapy

    45 min

    55 US dollars
  • Get a lot done in a half-hour! Quality over quantity at a great price.

    45 min

    35 US dollars
  • Stressed? We can add multiple people to a Teletherapy session.

    45 min

    85 US dollars

Copays and deductibles can be paid through PayPal to or we can send a text with a payment link (You don't need a PayPal account for this method).

Questions or thoughts? Please contact us

Thank you for your time!